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Leaders in nutrition advice, training and lifestyle coaching

Based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, AKA is more than just personal training.....we are transformation lifestyle coaches, who are here to help you conquer your goal. Offering you support and guidance every step of your fitness journey. Meal plans, 1-to-1 training and professional personal training to help you put your right foot forward!

Find out what we can do for you, from our transformation plans to our training journal, full of helpful tips and advice.

We are here to help you to your goal - so do it the AKA way today! Flexible dieting and personal training that works!

Training Journal

Meal ideas, training advice and motivational techniques with have created these posts to help you.

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AKA Client Transformations

Through hard work, flexible dieting and personal training that works, ever AKA client has achieved their results. No matter if it’s weight loss or strength training, we know what works to help you not only hit your target but smash it!

Don’t believe us……take a look for yourself.

What We Offer

Healthy weight loss should not normally eliminate any food groups. Using tactical nutrition to create a nutrition plan that works. No fad diets.

Hard work in the gym brings out the results, but it should never be boring....so we don't make training boring! A programme that suits your lifestyle and needs.

No matter if it's to loose weight or build muscle - 6 weeks or 12 weeks, we guarantee that your transformation goal is achievable with us.

Through consistency and our support we deliver the results that matter! Build, shape and crush your goal today....The AKA Way!

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