HIIT Training what is it and how good is it❓❓

I use this method of training with a lot of my clients ?

Here is a little example of a HIIT session I completed this morning. ??

I performed 30 seconds all out max effort on the cross trainer then 1 minute steady state this was a really killer session… overall work time was 30 minutes. 

So What is HIIT❓

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is arguably the most time efficient workout technique for fat loss. HIIT was used primarily by Olympic athletes and high level sports competitors to increase speed work in a variety of different sports. In the fitness industry today HIIT is the fastest growing training technique, increasing endurance, strength and burning a ton of body fat! Becoming more popular in a lot of sports. 

HIIT, is the new standard in rapid fat loss programs. Its short burst of high intensity exercises coupled with short rests forces the body to work overtime by keeping your heart rate elevated and your body in the fat burning stage for longer. This means you get to shed those pounds you have been working on for months. ??

How does HIIT work❓

The high intensity intervals require a great deal of oxygen, this requires your body to demand more oxygen after the workout is done. This need for oxygen is called the after-burn, and it is this phenomenon that allows the body to burn more fat than traditional exercise methods. ?

Why should YOU try HIIT❓

HIIT training takes less time than a traditional training program, which means you are in and out of the gym faster often with greater results. HIIT has also been shown to increase endurance as well as long distance runs such as marathons. As if that wasn’t enough, HIIT has also been shown to boost your metabolism further increasing your fat burning potential. So what you get is fast efficient workouts that increase endurance, boost your metabolism and leave your body burning fat for days after your workouts.

HIIT….. can be applied to any type of exercise; Running, Cycling and Strength Exercises can all be performed in a HIIT style workout. 

What’s not to like about HIIT❓??

 Adam Ambridge 

AKA The Transformation Specialist