?Facebookers ? 

AKA – The Transformation Specialist has a killer offer for you ?? 10 PT session’s for £200!!! This would normally cost £300?That right – a £100 saving ?

I’m looking for four people to undergo a TRANSFORMATION of a life time!!! THE AKA WAY…? 

Maybe you’re a Bride with the BIG day approaching fast? Why not invite a bridesmaid?! And split the cost of £200 between the both of you (£100 each)

Maybe you’re a Groom? Why not bring your best-man? And split the cost of £200 between the both of you (£100 each) Get fit and get in shape together whilst splitting the cost ??‍♀️?‍♀️?

Drop a Dress size or a buckle size – The savings can be used for that big WEDDING DAY and you’ll be beach ready for HOLIDAY/HONEYMOON ??✈️??

8 Week Challenge 

The 8 Week Challenge is here, and to celebrate I’m giving away just four 8 week challenges at a discounted price of £200 – saving a fantastic £100!! 
To sign up to this offer and receive the £100 discount just LIKE and SHARE my Facebook page, (AKA The Transformation Specialist) tag 2 Friends then comment on the post and get in touch to secure your space!!? 
Have you got a Holiday booked? Maybe your Wedding day is getting closer and closer ??⁉️ 
Your probably thinking I’m not beach body ready yet…??? 

I need to looking amazing for my wedding day..??

Don’t worry, there’s still time to change this!

AKA Transformations can help you with this!! The AKA Way ?

This isn’t going to be easy I’m not going to lie to you, it will be hard, you will have to make some sacrifices and there may be a few tears… but I can promise you one thing if you do all this you will be truly amazed at what you can achieve ?

Preferably I would like someone who is new to the gym!!! Going away on holiday!!!

Or has their Big Wedding day coming up!!!

There is a few things I would ask for in return for this amazing OFFER!!

I need you to be honest with me in and outside of the gym throughout your TRANSFORMATION!!

I need you to work your arse off in each session and give ?% effort!!

You allow me to use your before and after pictures!! ?

You will be checking in with me every week on how your feeling and how your getting on with the plan ? 

In return you can spread the 10 Session’s over the 8 week Transformation!!

YOU WILL learn how to flexible diet the AKAWAY!!

YOU WILL create a healthier life style the AKAWAY!!

YOU WILL get ongoing support from me throughout the 8 weeks!!

YOU WILL keep in constant contact with me if you have any problems not matter how big or how small via WhatsApp Monday To Saturday!!

YOU WILL also get 2 home workouts for you to do at home whilst your not training with me!!

This really is a GREAT offer!!!

Are you one of those ones who’s say’s I will do it next week…then when it comes you say I will start Monday…This is the time to start your TRANSFORMATION ?

Adam Ambridge 

AKA The Transformation Specialist