The AKA Black Friday Deal?????


Kick Start your New Years Resolution Goals ready for 2019? Make that head start to your January goals!

2018 is rapidly drawing to a close and it’s time to look ahead, specifically at your overall lifestyle. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or just looking to become healthier.

Why don’t you let me help you achieve those goals. The AKAWAY!!

The 8 week lean back on track Challenge 2019

I’m looking for people who REALLY want to make a change in there lives leading into 2019 ??

Here’s what’s included:

Access to 10 Personal Training sessions throughout the 8 week package.

A PROVEN nutrition guide – No need to starve yourself… using the AKA Nutritional System no food is banned you can still enjoy the foods you love and crave you can follow this for LIFE??

INVALUABLE support from myself and other transformees to ensure you reach your goals!!

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Private Facebook Members group that helps you with meal choices, lifestyle, mind-set to help you make changes.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Apply for the The 8 weeks Lean back on track Challenge 2019 Program

Step 2: Book in your goal setting consultation with myself.

Step 3: Enrol in the Program – Get Access to all of the tools to get your results happening fast.

You can join this package for a special price of £200.00 (value £300)

Don’t miss out on your lifestyle change get a head start into 2019 (this offer has limited spaces only)

Each gift purchased will be supplied with a printed AKA gift of fitness voucher. Could be used for a loved one for a Christmas Present ? ?


Be honest with yourselves Ladies and Gents hands up how many of you say the same thing every single year?? ✋?

If your STILL contemplating changing your lifestyle in 2019 then this is definitely the package for you ✋?

Are you feeling uncomfortable about revealing your body by the pool on that summer holiday you booked for 2019✋?

Time to get fit ✋?

Time to lose some weight and tone up ready for that summer holiday you may have booked✋?

Time to feel more confident about yourself✋?

Time to Drop a dress size or two or a buckle size ✋?

Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself✋?

Start now and kick off those New Year’s Resolutions in January the very best way possible.

The Reality is that you’ve still got time to do this get a head start and make a change into 2019!!

My advice on When to start!! NOW!! Don’t wait to long ladies and gents to make those changes get the AKA gift of fitness ??

You can even start today book your place ready for 2019 Make this your year you stick to your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?

You can private message me on my details below??????to secure your Voucher for a family member, friend or even yourself ?

? 07791168647