TIRED of trying new diets and failing??

Want to IMPROVE your relationship with food??

Are YOU struggling to stay on track with your nutrition??

Want to EAT the foods you enjoy and never feel guilty about food??

WANT the tools to achieve all your goals??


If your SERIOUSLY interested in making a change to your Lifestyle then this is perfect for you and a great chance to join TEAMAKA!!

At AKA Transformation’s I BELIEVE everyone deserves to benefit from being healthy and being confident within themselves. In fact, I believe everyone will benefit from that experience and I would love to help you get there and achieve your goals.

If you are FED up of long boring cardio sessions or maybe you are really unsure of what you should be doing Day to Day get in touch and save your space.

What is the MOST important thing to consider whilst dieting??

Enjoying the foods we like.

A Calorie deficit is IMPORTANT whilst dieting that’s not the be all and end all so to speak. When your in a calorie deficit and eating boring bland foods, the diet will become harder to stick to FACT!! How long do you think you will stick to that diet NOT VERY LONG!

Dieting shouldn’t be boring we should be HAPPY whilst trying to achieve our goals!!

If you WANTED to be happy with a diet how would you achieve this?? Dieting can be pretty stressful at times especially if your eating boring foods. So if we put in place the foods we actually like the more sustainable it will be FACT!!

Sustainability – how would you achieve this whist your in a deficit?? By eating foods we like and crave, this is one of the main considerations, everything comes down to the FOOD WE ARE EATING if your enjoying what your eating the more sustainable it will be!!

Consistency – if you not eating the foods you like you will not stick to it fact. Why cut out foods we enjoy factor and construct food you ENJOY into your diet and calorie allowance.

The 8 Week Slim Down Challenge Program!! 1

If you apply the above factors you are MORE then LIKELY going to stick to your diet than on and off!!


The 8 Week Slim Down Challenge Program!! 2

What’s included when you JOIN TEAMAKA

Exclusive access to my time-tested and PROVEN Nutritional System with over 850 healthy delicious recipes?

I WILL guide you, step by step, as I’ve already done with 100s of clients since being in the industry. Ive helped people become fitter, stronger, leaner and most of become more confident within themselves whilst enjoying all food groups even chocolate and alcohol.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a private member’s facebook group with support from both me (your coach) and other transformees to ensure you reach your goals, you’ll never feel alone in the group.

Transform your body and mind to achieve your goals, still enjoying the foods we love and crave still being able to go out with friendS and family and enjoy a social life.

No eliminating any foods from your diet.To many people cut out certain foods groups and fail within a few weeks!

NOT at AKA Transformation.

AKA Packages I have on offer at the moment.!!

Package 1

3 Session’s a week for 8 weeks so 24 session’s in total £450.

Normally £600 a massive saving of £150

Package 2

2 session’s a week for 10 weeks so 20 session’s in total £375.

Normally £500 a massive saving of £125

Package 3

2 session’s a weeks for 8 weeks so 16 session’s £300.

Normally £400 a massive saving of £100

Package 4

10 Personal Training Sessions to be used over the 8 weeks you can use these as and when you like. Must be used over the 8 weeks.

Normally £300

Discounted prices £225

Adam Ambridge

AKA The Transformation Specialist