You here this a lot in the fitness industry!!

Meal frequency really is A BIG MYTH.

There’s a common belief in the fitness industry that eating smaller, more frequent meals is better for weight loss and burning fat than eating larger, less frequent meals throughout the day.

This is a load of bull ? NOT TRUE!

When it comes to losing or gaining weight, the MOST IMPORTANT factor is our OVERALL CALORIC INTAKE!!

To lose weight, you HAVE to be in a CALORIC DEFICIT which means eating LESS CALORIES ⬇️ than you’re burning? also remember to factor in the foods you enjoy into your calorie allowance to make this more sustainable ??

Gaining weight you have to be in a CALORIC SURPLUS which means eating MORE CALORIES ⬆️ than you are burning?

Here is a little example if your Calorie Allowance is 1500 a day and you split this up over 5 meals and 3 meals.

1500 into 5 = 300

So across 5 meals this would be 300 calorie per meal over the day.

1500 into 3 = 500

So across 3 meals this would be 500 calorie per meal over the day.

The 2 example’s above are EXACTLY the same calorie allowance just one is spread over 5 meals and the other over 3 meals.