CHEAT DAY absolutely love this word?

If your diet is GOOD and your implementing the foods you enjoy to create your calorie deficit you shouldn’t need to have a cheat days, because you shouldn’t be cheating on your diet SIMPLES.

It’s called RE-FEEDS, or to put it more simpler higher calorie days, but not cheat days lol ?

My graph below shows you how you can split your weekly calories up over the days ? remember track your calories across the week ?

The graph shows you HOW to avoid over eating when you’re managing your calories in a calorie deficit or even maintenance and surplus.

Another tip if you was to weigh yourself after a higher calorie, you will definitely weigh heavier due to you having more food.

Why is this you may be wondering your weight will increase, due to the amount of food, water CONSUMED.

Many people say to me I CAN stick to the plan Monday to Friday!!

It’s the weekends I find it hard to stick to the plan.?

Many people can stick to a diet in the week at work when they have routine, the weekend comes with a day trip out with the family or meal out with loved ones. This is where they STRUGGLE.

So why not allow for that time out with FRIENDS and FAMILY?

All the options BELOW lead to the same overall calories over the week(weight loss)

The REAL trick is finding one that fits your LIFESTYLE most of my clients have family’s or tend to enjoy the weekends OUT weather this may be going for a meal or a trip to the pictures? ?

So if this sounds like you OPTION 3 would be the BEST for you!