How to lose body fat??

Wanting to lose body fat is a goal many of us try and achieve every year but how many of us are actually successful?

Sometimes those who are successful aren’t even sure how and why they were.

It’s not a nice feeling to not be sure of the exact science of what is needed for fat loss but also not have tools needed to help achieve.

In this post I’m going to give you both of these.

First the science?

Lets go over the basics some of you may know or some of you may not.

How To Lose Body Fat?? 1To lose body fat????

YOU first of all need to achieve a calorie/energy deficit??

This is basically where you are expending MORE calories than you CONSUME.

Remember a calorie is just a measure of energy like a centimetre/inch is a measure of distance.

How YOU create that deficit is also up to you.

You can create the deficit by reducing calorie intake from food alone or you could create it using a combination of reduction in calories from food and an increase in energy expenditure from exercise and movement. This could be your gym workouts, exercise classes, bootcamps or even your NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis!!

There really is no one best set way as long as you create that deficit over the week and are consistent.

To many people do this over the day this is not the smart way.

Here is a little example why!

If you go over on your calories one day this could lead you to eating more as your attitude may be, I’ve gone over now so I might as well eat more! This is why I track over the week with any of my clients.

Let’s say you go over 200 calories one day if your tracking over a week you can then pull this back, so you could either take of 200 calories the next day or take off 100 calories for the next 2 days!! Over the week we are still consuming the same amount of calories across the week. SIMPLES this is what all my clients do ??

How To Lose Body Fat?? 2If you feel you need a little more help and tools to help achieve that deficit you are in luck at AKA Transformation I have my own Nutritional System with over 850 delicious healthy recipes. The System works out your calorie allowance with two simple equations.

You can then pick and choose your own meals to suit the plan around you or you can even generate a meal plan based around toke calories allowance the system will automatically do this for you.

The system will also create a shopping list for you around the foods you have chosen across the week. This will automatically be sent to you by email.

The system will give you all the tools you need to help your a achieve your goals and more.

Adam Ambridge

AKA The Transformation Specialist