Have YOU booked that summer holiday, are you feeling uncomfortable about revealing your body by the pool ✋?

Are YOU struggling to stay on track with your nutrition?? ✋?

Are YOU struggling knowing what to eat and when to eat?? ✋?

Are YOU struggling on what to do it the gym what exercises you should be doing?? ✋?

I HAVE A HUGE OPPORTUNITY for people who are looking to get into shape this summer!! Without making a stupid scarifies cutting out foods groups, with my help we can still enjoy the foods you love and crave still enjoy a social life going out with friends and family.


If YOU ARE currently participating in an exercise routine but not yet seeing the physical changes to your shape then this great opportunity is for you to be part of the AKA Team.

If your with a PT who isn’t offering you any Nutritional Advice you need to think what you paying them for!!

Its been a great year so far for AKA transformations I ABSOLUTELY love helping people achieve there goals.

If your SERIOUSLY interested in making a change then this is perfect for you and a great chance to join TEAMAKA!!

I’m look for 6 people who want to work hard and achieve some amazing results.

You can even split the cost if you and a partner wanted to do it or a friend ??

Here what’s included when your part of AKA Transformation’s????

IM OFFERING you an 8 weeks training plan with TWO 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions per week?️‍♀️??‍♂️

A PROVEN Nutrition Guide – No need to starve yourself… using the Nutritional System no food is banned you can still enjoy the foods you love and crave you can follow this for LIFE?

I WILL guide you, step by step, as I’ve already done with 100s of clients since being in the industry. Ive helped people become fitter, stronger, leaner and most of become more confident within themselves whilst enjoying all food groups even chocolate and alcohol.

INVALUABLE support from myself and other transformees to ensure you reach your goals?

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a private member’s facebook group with support from both me (your coach) and other transformees to ensure you reach your goals, you’ll never feel alone in the group ??


YOU WILL have my personal WhatsApp number? and email address so if you have any questions or need any advice, I will be with you every step of the way?

At AKA Transformation’s I believe EVERYONE deserves to benefit from being healthy and being confident within themselves. In fact, I believe everyone will benefit from that experience and I would love to help you get there and achieve your goals.

SO IF YOU are fed up of long boring cardio sessions or maybe you are really unsure of what you should be doing day to day ay get in touch and save your space.

The AKA Nutritional System is specifically designed to help you and your family with meal choices, if you have a busy family and work life this really is perfect for you.

No more hours wasting time in the kitchen trying to cook complicated meals. Using my nutritional system you will have over 850 delicious healthy recipes easy to make.

You’ll become part of a special community of members not just nameless faces. Becoming a member of the AKA Team is one of the most powerful boosters ever, offering you unlimited value and support from myself and other team members.

I will help you every step of your journey and keep you on track when times get tough!! No doubt, we all go through peaks and troughs, having a coach to talk to will certainly help you through those periods.

We are all human and all need help.

I will show you how to maximise your efforts inside and outside the gym to get the best results in the fastest time possible so you can achieve your results is the best way possible.

What you certainly won’t be doing if you join TeamAKA is jogging, running, boring cardio or starving yourselves. I believe in enjoying your favourite foods and having fun with friends and family going to social events and meals out at your favourite restaurants.

In fact, I’ve found that 90% of my clients I’ve worked with actually under eat everyday! This is why I designed the most easiest Nutritional System with amazing recipes to suit your busy lifestyle.


The nutritional system works out your calorie allowance and even builds a food plan for you for the whole week based on your allowance if you’d like it to. Or you can pick and choose your meals yourself either way all the hard work is done for you. It will even create a shopping list for you that’s emailed straight to you phone so it’s simple for you ready to go shopping ?

If your to busy to go shopping you can even do this by using online shopping like Tesco and Asda.

Most of my clients tell me that they don’t feel like they are dieting and they have never eaten so much whilst getting long term results they have always wanted.

If you would like to join the team and smash those summer body goals, Please get In touch for MORE INFO and book your FREE consultation today??


? 07791168647 (Adam Ambridge)

? adam@akatransformation.co.uk

? www.akatransformation.co.uk