So What is Flexible Dieting??

Flexible dieting is a nutritional concept put into simply words..It is the process of tracking your food intake, and aiming for certain calorie and macronutrient (macro) ranges. Macronutrients being protein, carbohydrate and fats. Food selection is left up to personal preference but the concept is that you eat mainly nutrient dense foods (the ones that people often refer to as healthy or clean) but you can consume other foods so long as they fit within those calorie & macronutrient guidelines.

This approach promotes healthy habits & moderation, rather than seeing your diet as something that’s on or off, as having ranges to work within means you never break or cheat on your diet. That little bit of flexibility allows you to reach your physique & performance goals whilst still being able to maintain a social life & satisfy those cravings.

The most important macronutrient in most diets is protein. The basic building block of muscle growth and repair. The amount you need depends on if you’re building or even maintaining muscle growth. Fats are essential for healthy wellbeing. The key is finding that balance of good fats and cutting down on bad fats. Carbohydrates ARE NOT BAD!!! They help give us the fuel for training and recovery.

The AKA Flexible Dieting Workshop is all about showing and teaching you these basic ideas to help you with your own personal goal. Showing you how to track, what to track and that each person is different. So no quick diet plan or juice shake!! It's about having that balance within our busy lifestyles.

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