The best kettlebell home workout ever just got even better!! Are you looking to loose weight but can’t get to a gym? Fear not this workout is for you – train from the comfort of your own home, local park even in your own living room.

Getting in the best shape of your life has never been easier and all within 6 weeks. To find out more read below and book yourself onto the workout programme that will change your life.

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When it comes to fitness, many of you struggle with lack of time due to our busy lifestyle’s and family life. It’s hard work trying to prioritise our day when it comes to building a routine. I hear you, and I know exactly how you feel. 

The 6 week shredabell program is designed with 24 different workouts using a kettlebell or two and body weight exercises! Over the 6 weeks you will learn how to do each exercise and put them to good use smashing each session.

There are 3 sessions a week and you can literally do this at home, in the garden or even in your living room. Why not even take them down the local park and enjoy the sunshine… you can even get your friends and family involved.

You need 4 things and 4 things only!!!

  • 2 kettlebells of the same weight
  • 1 kettlebells slightly heavier
  • A step ometer this could be a Fitbit or a iPhone watch

(This is to track your steps 10k steps per day)

Win your money back with your transformation

Yes!! That’s right for the best 6 week transformation a cash prize is up for grabs. Who says getting in shape isn’t motivational enough already!

Nope that’s not a miss print or typo, you really can win your money back by signing up for the 8 week shredabell program. Everyone has a story and a journey so what’s yours? AKA The Transformation Specialists has already transformed the life’s of countless people so now it’s your turn!

Still unsure if this is the programme for you? Here’s a guide to help you

This programme IS for you if…

  • Want to know how to torch fat.
  • Increase confidence and energy
  • Drop a dress size or two or even a buckle size
  • Understand nutrition without eliminating any food groups.
  • Want a system that works with a busy lifestyle

this is NOT for you if…

  • You are not prepared to put in some real effort when it comes to exercise
  • You are not prepared to make changes to your ‘diet’
  • You want to excessively ‘piss it up’ on the weekends during the plan
  • You are going to whinge, make excuses and complain about everything
  • You give up with the first sign of hard work


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