My Story

I first met Adam when I was encouraged by the owner of The Gym, Bristol Road to join the A&J Bootcamp. I cannot speak highly enough of Adam, joining Bootcamp was the best decision I could have possibly made to take my training and nutrition to the next level. I have always yo-yo’d with my weight and never really stuck to a nutrition plan long enough to see the results I really and then be able to maintain them. Adam’s advice on nutrition (and particularly his approach with flexible dieting), has enabled me to reach my goals while maintaining a more realistic and achievable lifestyle.

Diets are now a thing of the past and I now have a whole new lifestyle. You can still have a little of something you fancy (of course in moderation) and achieve your goals. Tracking calories has been a key factor in helping me understand portion control and ensuring I have the right balance of macro-nutrients. I have also trained with Adam on a one to one basis and will be certainly be having more sessions in future. His training knowledge is fantastic and he knows how to push you to achieve beyond what you felt you were capable of. Since meeting Adam I have lost 2.5 stone and started to see great changes in my physique.

Adam is always on hand with support and advice and really helps you with being creative with nutrition. Gone are the days when I eat nothing but chicken, rice and broccoli. I still eat those things of course, but along with so much more variety than ever before, which makes it more realistic and sustainable. The Bootcamp will remain a regular part of my training routine, along with daily weight sessions and training with Adam.

I am setting myself big targets in the future and I feel very confident, that with his guidance, I will smash those targets.

Client NameAlan LiddingtonStart DateSeptember 2016End DateMarch 2017Age38Starting Weight19st 0lbEnd Weight16st 9lbTraining GoalLower body fat and build muscle



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