My Story

I first met Adam 15 months ago at the gym when I first joined a bootcamp course.. I have always been into running and bits of cardio once or twice a week for a few years but I didn’t feel much change in my body or my fitness level. Bootcamp helped me to change physically and I met some incredible people at the bootcamp and this is where my journey started and where my confidence in my fitness first grew.

5 weeks ago I decided to totally switch up my fitness and push myself harder than I’ve ever known before. I could only achieve this with one to one professional guidance , personal training and nutrition advice which is where Adam at AKA transformation become part of my daily fitness life !

Adam had a great offer on his website it was a Wedding/Holiday package which included 10 Personal Training session’s to be fitted in within the 8 weeks. This also included Nutritional set up using Flexible dieting and a tailored program to follow. I sat down with Adam for a consultation before we started and explained to him that I go away on my holiday in just over 5 weeks and would it be possible it be possible to achieve some good results in that sort space of time. Adam then explained to me that it’s not going to be easy, but if we hit the 5 weeks really hard and give 110% that I would be amazed with the result.

Adam trained me hard 3/4 times a week focusing on different body parts and muscle groups. He kept me motivated and focused explaining every part of the training whilst encouraging me to push myself harder and harder. I pushed and pulled heavier weights each week going beyond what I thought I could ever achieve. My starting weight was 8 Stone 3lbs I thought the scales were my best friend. The less I weighed the happier I would be right? Ditch the scales ladies – here’s the truth I weigh 12lbs heavier and my body shape has changed massively, I’m much more toned, fit and healthier.

My cellulite has reduced and my stretch marks less visible due to an all over body workout. I eat more food than ever before and I even have carbs!! As an older lady in my 40s I had convinced myself that my age would hold me back and it was too late to change my body. I wasn’t over weight or unfit but I did lack lots of muscle tone. I wanted to learn to weight train but was too intimidated and afraid to train in a weight training gym.

Two Pregnancies and getting older has changed my body shape but I knew I needed to make changes. Working full time Running my own business abroad And in the U.K. I would be so busy and find reasons to let my fitness slide. Once my mental state changed my fitness became my priority and not my excuse. My transformation hasn’t just been physical but mental as well. This transformation with Adam hasn’t just changed me physically but has Given me confidence to overcome my fears and that’s empowering !

Was it easy no! Did it just happen quickly no! It has taken lots of hard work and dedication and a knowledge and hard drive from Adam to keep me focused and motivated. But when you work so hard towards your goals it makes it so great and gives you a sense of huge achievement and results made me proud to be part of Adams amazing team and his help, guidance, and incredible belief in what you can achieve will keep you strong, brave, and inspired.

It’s never too late to make changes and make that step to becoming a new you! This is not the end of my fitness journey this is only the beginning!!

What ever your goals Adam will help and push you to achieve them. Adam certainly is the best Personal Trainer in Gloucestershire no goal too big or to small for him just believe in yourself and Adam will be with you the whole way. Join Adams amazing transformation team you won’t regret it!!

Client NameLisa DarkeStart Date5 June 2017End Date12 July 2017Age40'sStarting Weight8,3 lbsEnd Weight12 lbs gain (muscle and tone)Training GoalWeight Loss and tone



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