My Story

I never thought I would ever post pictures like this, and am so embarrassed of my before photo, however, I can genuinely say I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in just 5 weeks.

I met Adam Ambridge, a transformation specialist through a good friend who had herself completed a course of 10 personal training sessions with an aim of losing weight and toning up. Since meeting Adam 5 weeks ago, I have completely changed my mindset in terms of what foods to eat and the types of training I should be doing. Before we started, I believed carbs were ‘bad’ and that doing constant cardio was the best way to lose weight. Adam proved me wrong! He set me up on an individual course of weights that varied from week to week, and introduced a flexible dieting approach that consisted of tracking calories. Although I was tracking calories, I was still able to be flexible and enjoy my treats and meals out if I wanted to within reason.

Before I started I was eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, but since training I have completely cut it out. Not only has this made me feel 100% better physically, but mentally. I used to have migraines very regularly and have made the connection that it was the chocolate that was stimulating these. I haven’t had a migraine in 5 weeks so that in itself is an achievement!

Adam has been a massive support over the past 5 weeks, has kept in constant contact over WhatsApp, encouraging me to keep going on the days where I don’t feel like I can. He taught me not to worry about the scales (it’s just a number!) and to focus on the way I look and feel. This was a massive help and I didn’t take any notice of the scales at all during training.

I’d like to thank Adam for his positive encouragement and guidance throughout, and am even more determined and excited now to keep it up, and to see how far I can progress over the coming months. I not only feel fitter but feel so much more confident, and can’t believe it has only taken 5 weeks to do so! If anyone is thinking of having a lifestyle change, I highly recommend Adam!

Client NameLucy JaneStart Date21st August 2017End Date25th September 2017Starting Weight11st 6End Weight11st 3Training GoalWeight Loss



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