At the age of 33 I have tried many training programmes from various PT’s but I have always found that after four weeks I would lose focus and find it far too repetitive and give up. A close friend of mine started doing one to one sessions with Adam and he told me to give him a try. I contacted Adam at the beginning of November and started my one to one sessions. I was so Impressed with his professional approach and knowledge I signed up to two sessions a week.

Each one was different which was what I enjoyed the most. Whilst training with Adam he mentioned the Bootcamp which he ran three days a week. Again, I was apprehensive to sign up because of my tendency to give up after a few weeks. I eventually signed up and I am so glad I did. I am now on my third bootcamp and it is something which I genuinely look forward to every other day. I wasn’t what you would call ‘fat’ but I was carrying some extra weight around my middle that I wanted to shift.

When I started the bootcamp I was weighing 15st 13lbs. By the end of the first eight weeks I was 14st 10lbs. This wasn’t only due to my dedication, hard work and Adams drive at each session but the added support from with the nutritional side as well. He would make sure I was eating right with constant messages and encouragement. It really made me have a whole new outlook on training and nutrition. I now weigh 14st 6lbs but have gained muscle mass along the way.

The scales were always a big part of why I trained but now it’s more about how I feel and look in clothes. I would highly recommend Adam as a PT and as long as he will have me I will always use him.

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