My Story

My name is Rob Merchant I’m 46 years of age. I started weight training in my early 20s and found it quite intimidating walking into the gym full of muscle man. I felt shy and nervous around these guys. I spent several years training eating rubbish and getting many injuries as I didn’t no how to lift properly. After years of training I got disappointed as I wasn’t seeing results so I gave up.

In my late 30s I found myself in a bad place overweight suffering from bouts of depression and with very little confidence. In 2010 my son and I decide to join the gym Gloucester on Bristol Road. Mainly to get some purpose back into my life and a hobby, so I could spend some time with my son Callum. We trained together three times a week for a couple of years, yet I still didn’t notice much change with my body.

During one of my training sessions I noticed this guy wearing a Spurs shirt which is the team I support. I made the decision to speak to this guy, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. His name is Adam Ambridge I would ask some question’s about training and he was happy to help me and give me some advice, it turns out he was a Transformation Specialist (Life style Coach).

I went home and looked at his website and seen some great transformations pictures. I decided that I would give one of his packages a go it’s was an 12 week holiday package. This package was the Transformation for me as I was due to go away on holiday in a few months. I became a single man just before I met Adam and I was in a very low place eating rubbish and drinking to much.

I decide to give this programme ago, I was going to hit this program hard as I wanted some really good results. Adam sat me down for a consultation before we started to see what I wanted to achieve from the 12 weeks! I told him I wanted to loose weight and tone up as I had the holiday coming up soon. Adam designed a training plan and Nutritional Plan (Flexible Dieting) around my needs and lifestyle as I’m a painter and decorator so work pretty long hours. The first week was the hardest Adam did tell me this as this was a new approach to me. Adam Approach with Nutrition totally changed the why I was eating,

I was training hard and stuck to Adams program to the tee. I started to see a change very quickly physically and mentally. I’m not going to say this program is easy because it wasn’t, Adam was there for me when times got tough or if i was having a bad day. He would constantly check upon me most days to see how I was getting on. He even gave me the odd phone call when I was struggling, just talking to him on the phone picked me up as he knew what to say to me to get back on a high. I was halfway through the 8 weeks an I noticed a big change with my shape. There were times when I thought about quitting but Adam helped me as we kept in touch via WhatsApp 24/7 6 days a week.

Occasionally I would message Adam on the Sunday which was his only day off, he would get back tome straight away even though it was his day off. He always had a lot of time for me throughout the 12 weeks and if I didn’t have this support from him I would of failed. After the 12 weeks finished the horrible pot belly was gone along with the fat. People where commenting on how well and good I looked. I done this program as I was going away on holiday with a friend. For the first time in 20 years I actually felt confidant about myself. I could actually take my top of on holiday and not feel bad or embarrassed about the way I looked. I am now in the best shape of my life with more confidence than ever.

I really can’t thanks Adam enough his knowledge with nutrition is spot on and his tailored training plan was amazing. I can highly recommend Adam as one of the best Transformation Specialist in Gloucester. Adam helped me throughout the entire eight weeks, most days I would message him no matter how big or small my problem was he would still get back to me as quick as he could. I really found this a massive help someone being there for meas much as Adam was.

Meeting Adam that day in the gym really has changed my life for the better. Not only he is a great coach, he has also become a very good friend of mine who is always there to help me out. So many people have told me how amazing and good and healthy a look and this is down to Adam. If anyone is stuck in a rut or need to change your life for the better both medically and physically speak to this man Adam. I can guarantee you he will get you back on the right track and help you get to where you want to be he is definitely worth every penny.

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