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Well what can I say about Adam, I mean what a man and a true friend he has become!! I joined the gym about 3 years ago to try and do something about the weight I was just over 24 stone. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week for around 12 months with no change. I was feeling really down and contemplating the use of some fat burning tablets. You no the magic pills you take you seen in the magazines these days just to try and shift the fat.

One day I was plodding along on the treadmill next to this guy and his mate and was listening in on there conversation about diets and nutrition and very shyly asked this one guy in particular Adam if he could give me a few tips with nutrition and training. Well what a move that was little did i know I was talking to one of the best PT’s around as he had a very good name for himself in the gym. He always use to say I’m not a personal trainer I’m a transformation specialist.

We had a little chat and he said if I was serious he would help me I was very unsure as i thought having a trainer was just for rich. I went home and had a good think about it so I decided to have a look at Adams facebook after seeing the results he had achieved himself I decide to arrange a sit down with him. We had a consul about the goals I wanted to achieve which was weight loss. Adam talked through a few plans with me and he decide it would be best for me to start off with a 8 week transformation plan he designed. Adam asked me to keep a food diary for a week just so he could see what foods I was eating. I use to eat takeaway 4 times a week which I knew was bad for me. After filling out the 7 day food log for Adam we both sat down and got the back rolling so to speak.

I received the plan from Adam it was a bit of a shock, I had no need to worry as Adam went the extra mile and even offered to meet me at Tesco to do my shopping with me. After the first 8 weeks of my transformation I lost almost 4 stone and Adam was there with me all they way. I work long hours and start very early but he would still go out of his way to ring me at 5am to make sure I was sticking to the plan and doing my cardio. I would finish work around 5:30 more often than I would find Adam was in the gym training at the same time as me or should i say he was trying to train as I was constantly bugging him for help and advice but nothing was ever to much trouble he really was a great guy in and out of the gym. We become very good friends after my first 8 week transformation. I decided to do another 8 weeks with Adam as I really wanted to see how far I could take my weight loss in totally I lost over 6 stone with Adam. I really can’t thank him enough he really does no his stuff.

We even had a few session’s training together towards the end of my second transformation.
Adam help me with a better understanding of training and nutrition and totally changed my body shape and life, he gave me so much confidence in myself. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances with my job I had to leave the gym almost 18 moths ago Adam has still remained a good friend and calls regularly to see how I’m doing and to offer advice as my wife and I are going through IVF treatment and she needed to loose some weight for the treatment.

He has also helped her to lose 5 stone which has now enabled us to have the treatment Adam really did go that extra mile for us he even gave us the extra help free of charge and he really didn’t have to and i cant thank him enough you couldn’t ask to meet a nicer guy its not just a business for him its a passion once again thanks for all your help.

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